Will creeping phlox crowd out weeds?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Creeping Phlox, also known as Phlox subulata, is a fantastic plant that not only adds beauty to your garden but also helps in crowding out weeds. As a hardy perennial groundcover, it forms a dense mat of foliage that effectively chokes out weed growth.

One of the primary reasons why creeping phlox is great at crowding out weeds is its ability to spread and form a dense carpet-like cover. Its low-growing nature allows it to quickly fill in empty spaces and create a thick barrier that makes it difficult for weeds to establish themselves. This aggressive growth habit helps to smother weed seedlings and prevent them from taking hold.

I have personally experienced the weed-suppressing qualities of creeping phlox in my own garden. I had an area with bare soil that was constantly invaded by weeds. However, after planting creeping phlox, I noticed a significant decrease in weed growth. The thick foliage of the phlox covered the soil, shading it and depriving weeds of the sunlight they need to thrive. Over time, the phlox spread and filled in the area, leaving little room for weeds to grow.

Another advantage of creeping phlox is its semi-evergreen foliage. While it may not remain completely green throughout the winter, it retains enough foliage to continue providing weed suppression. This means that even during the dormant season, creeping phlox is still working to keep weeds at bay.

In terms of maintenance, creeping phlox requires minimal effort to keep weeds under control. Its dense growth habit naturally prevents weed growth, reducing the need for regular weeding. However, it is still beneficial to inspect the phlox occasionally and remove any stray weeds that may have managed to find their way through the foliage.

To summarize the benefits of creeping phlox in crowding out weeds:

1. Aggressive spreading: Creeping phlox quickly fills in empty spaces, creating a dense mat that makes it difficult for weeds to establish.

2. Low-growing nature: The low height of creeping phlox allows it to effectively cover the soil, shading it and preventing weed seedlings from receiving adequate sunlight.

3. Semi-evergreen foliage: Even during the dormant season, creeping phlox retains enough foliage to continue suppressing weed growth.

4. Minimal maintenance: Once established, creeping phlox requires little maintenance to keep weeds under control, reducing the need for regular weeding.

Creeping phlox is an excellent choice for gardeners looking to create a beautiful, weed-free groundcover. Its ability to form a dense carpet of foliage and its semi-evergreen nature make it a reliable and low-maintenance option for crowding out weeds.