Will a sparrowhawk take a cat?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Sparrowhawks are not known to pose a threat to cats. They are small birds of prey, with the males being around the size of a pigeon and the females slightly larger. Their primary prey is birds, so they are much more likely to target smaller birds such as sparrows, finches, and pigeons.

Sparrowhawks are agile hunters, known for their speed and maneuverability. They are specialized bird-catchers, using their sharp talons and beak to capture their prey mid-flight. They are not equipped to take down larger animals like cats, which are much bigger and stronger.

In fact, cats are often seen as a potential danger to sparrows and other small birds. Cats are natural predators and have the ability to climb trees and catch birds in their claws. They are much more capable of hunting and catching birds than a sparrowhawk would be of catching a cat.

It is important to note that while sparrowhawks may occasionally take small mammals such as mice or voles, this is not their primary source of food. They are primarily bird hunters and are highly adapted for catching and killing birds in flight.

Based on my knowledge and experience, I have never heard of a sparrowhawk taking a cat. It is simply not within their capabilities or usual hunting behavior. Cats are generally too large and agile for a sparrowhawk to successfully target.

You can rest assured that your cat is unlikely to be in any danger from a sparrowhawk. These birds are specialists in catching smaller birds and do not typically pose a threat to larger animals such as cats.