What triggers the ghost in Spelunky 2?

Answered by Michael Wilson

So, let me tell you about Spelunky 2 and what triggers the Ghost in the game. Spelunky 2 is a challenging and exciting platformer game where you navigate through procedurally generated levels filled with traps, enemies, and treasures.

Now, the Ghost is a formidable and terrifying presence in Spelunky 2. It is a spectral entity that appears if certain conditions are met. There are two main triggers for the Ghost’s appearance: the destruction of the Curse Pot and the presence of the Punish Ball.

Let’s start with the Curse Pot. In each level of Spelunky 2, there is a Curse Pot that can be found. This pot is different from other pots you may come across because it is cursed. When you destroy this pot, either by throwing it, whipping it, or using any other means, the Ghost is immediately summoned. It’s as if breaking the Curse Pot releases the Ghost from its supernatural prison, and it starts chasing you relentlessly.

The second trigger for the Ghost’s appearance is the Punish Ball. The Punish Ball is an item that you receive when you destroy the third Kali Altar in a run. Kali is the goddess of destruction and sacrifice in the game, and destroying her altars is not taken lightly. If you decide to destroy the third altar, you will be rewarded with the Punish Ball, but it comes with a price. The Punish Ball is chained to your leg, and it attracts the Ghost. Once you have the Punish Ball, the Ghost will appear shortly after, ready to hunt you down.

It’s worth noting that the Ghost is not to be taken lightly. It moves slowly at first but gradually speeds up, making it harder and harder to avoid. Touching the Ghost will instantly kill you, so it’s crucial to stay away from it and find a way to escape its relentless pursuit.

The Ghost in Spelunky 2 is triggered by either destroying the Curse Pot or having the Punish Ball chained to your leg after destroying the third Kali Altar. Both triggers unleash the Ghost, a formidable and deadly presence that will chase you relentlessly throughout the level. It adds an extra layer of challenge and tension to the game, making each run even more thrilling and unpredictable.