Why is Volt in care package?

Answered by Jason Smith

The decision to bring the Volt back from the Care Package is a hot topic among Apex Legends players. Many have questioned why Respawn Entertainment made this move, as the Volt was previously a regular floor loot weapon. However, there are several reasons why bringing the Volt back in the Care Package makes sense.

Firstly, the Volt is an incredibly versatile and powerful weapon. It excels in both close-quarters combat and medium-range engagements. Its fast rate of fire, combined with its low recoil, makes it deadly in the hands of a skilled player. Whether you’re spraying down enemies up close or taking down targets at a distance, the Volt is a reliable choice.

Secondly, the Volt’s addition to the Care Package adds more variety and excitement to the game. The Care Package weapons are meant to be special and highly sought after. By including the Volt in this elite category, Respawn has given players a new incentive to fight for the drop. This adds a level of unpredictability and intensity to the gameplay, as squads will now be competing for the powerful Volt.

Another reason to bring the Volt back is to balance the weapon meta. In the past, the Volt was a common floor loot weapon, which meant that almost every player had access to it. This could create a situation where the majority of players were using the same weapon, leading to a lack of diversity in loadouts. By moving the Volt to the Care Package, Respawn has made it a rarer weapon, ensuring that not every squad will have access to it. This helps to promote a more varied and strategic gameplay experience.

Furthermore, the Volt’s addition to the Care Package allows Respawn to make adjustments to its stats and attachments without affecting the overall weapon balance of the game. By having the Volt in the Care Package, Respawn has more flexibility to tweak its damage, recoil, or other attributes without causing widespread disruption to the game’s meta. This allows for more fine-tuning and ensures that the Volt remains a balanced and fair weapon in the long run.

Lastly, bringing the Volt back from the Care Package creates excitement and anticipation among players. When a highly desirable weapon is locked behind a Care Package drop, it adds an element of thrill to the game. Players will eagerly await the arrival of the Care Package, hoping to get their hands on the coveted Volt. This sense of anticipation and reward enhances the overall gameplay experience and keeps players engaged.

The decision to bring the Volt back from the Care Package is justified by several factors. Its versatility, the need for weapon balance, the desire for more variety in loadouts, the ability to fine-tune its stats, and the excitement it generates among players all contribute to its inclusion. While opinions may vary, it’s clear that the Volt’s return to the Care Package adds a new dynamic to Apex Legends and keeps the game fresh and exciting.