Why is my Kasa smart plug blinking orange and blue?

Answered by Frank Schwing

When your Kasa smart plug is blinking orange and blue, it means that the device is in the process of configuring itself. This is a normal behavior that occurs when you first set up the smart plug or when you perform a factory reset.

The flashing amber and blue lights indicate that the smart plug is in the configuration mode. During this time, the plug is preparing itself to connect to your Wi-Fi network and establish a connection. It is important to note that the duration of this configuration process can vary depending on the specific smart plug model and network conditions.

Once the configuration process is complete, the smart plug will attempt to connect to the network. At this stage, you will see the light flashing blue rapidly, indicating that the plug is in the process of connecting. This typically takes a few seconds to establish a connection.

Once the smart plug successfully connects to the network, the light will turn solid blue, indicating that it is now connected and ready to use. At this point, you can control the plug using the Kasa app on your smartphone or any compatible voice assistant.

If you find that your smart plug is continuously flashing amber and blue rapidly, it may indicate that the plug is in the process of performing a factory reset. This can happen if you press and hold the reset button on the plug for an extended period of time. Performing a factory reset will erase all the previous configurations and settings, allowing you to start fresh.

The blinking orange and blue lights on your Kasa smart plug indicate the different stages of its configuration and connection process. It is important to be patient during the initial setup or factory reset, as the smart plug needs time to complete these processes. Once the connection is established, the solid blue light indicates a successful connection.