What happened to the old Cool Math Games?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

The old Coolmath Games website is not shutting down. There have been rumors circulating about its closure, but they are completely false. Coolmath Games is still up and running, and you can continue to enjoy playing games on their platform.

However, there have been some changes to the website over the years. Coolmath Games has been shifting its focus to HTML5 games. HTML5 is a newer technology that allows for more efficient and versatile game development. It has become the standard for web-based games as it provides better performance and compatibility across different devices and browsers.

To adapt to this change, Coolmath Games has been converting a large number of their older Flash games to HTML5. Flash was previously the go-to technology for web games, but it is now being phased out and will no longer be supported in the near future. By converting their games to HTML5, Coolmath Games ensures that players can continue to enjoy their favorite games even after Flash support ends.

The process of converting Flash games to HTML5 is not always straightforward. It involves rewriting the game’s code and making adjustments to ensure it functions properly in the new technology. Coolmath Games has been working hard to make this transition, and they have been successful in converting a significant number of their games.

By embracing HTML5, Coolmath Games is future-proofing their platform. HTML5 games are more accessible, as they can be played on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. They also offer improved performance and enhanced features compared to their Flash counterparts.

While the shift to HTML5 has brought changes to the old Coolmath Games website, it has not resulted in the closure of the platform. The website is still active and continues to provide a wide range of entertaining and educational games for players of all ages.

The old Coolmath Games website is not shutting down. It has been transitioning from Flash games to HTML5 games to ensure continued support and compatibility. The rumors of its closure are unfounded, and players can still enjoy their favorite games on the platform.