Why is Lydia the best follower?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Lydia may not be perfect, but she certainly has several qualities that make her one of the best followers in Skyrim. One of her biggest strengths is her impressive health pool, which stands at a staggering 671 points at her highest level. This makes her incredibly durable in combat, allowing her to withstand a significant amount of damage before succumbing to defeat. Having a follower with such high health can be a huge advantage, especially during tough battles or when facing powerful enemies.

In addition to her impressive health, Lydia also excels in three key skill areas: heavy armor, one-handed, and block. Her expertise in heavy armor allows her to equip and effectively use the heaviest and most protective armor available, making her an excellent tank in battles. With her proficiency in one-handed weapons, she can deal significant damage to enemies, further enhancing her combat effectiveness. Lastly, her block skill ensures that she can effectively defend herself, mitigating incoming damage and protecting both herself and the Dragonborn.

Lydia’s combat abilities are not the only reason why she is considered one of the best followers. She also possesses a high degree of loyalty and dedication to her role as a follower. Lydia is known for her unwavering commitment to the Dragonborn, and she will faithfully follow them into any dangerous situation without hesitation. This level of loyalty can be a valuable asset, as it allows the Dragonborn to rely on Lydia in even the most challenging quests or battles.

Furthermore, Lydia’s AI is generally reliable and efficient. She rarely gets stuck or lost, making her a dependable companion who will reliably follow the Dragonborn throughout their adventures. This can be particularly useful when navigating tricky dungeons or complicated environments where other followers may struggle.

It is also worth mentioning that Lydia can be a great asset in terms of carrying capacity. As a follower, she can help carry a significant amount of loot and items, which is incredibly useful for players who tend to accumulate a vast amount of gear during their adventures. Having Lydia as a follower can alleviate the burden of inventory management, allowing the Dragonborn to focus on exploration and combat.

However, it is important to note that Lydia is not without her flaws. Some players may find her somewhat lacking in terms of dialogue and personality, as she tends to have a limited range of scripted responses. Additionally, her tendency to block narrow pathways or doorways can be frustrating at times, hindering the player’s movement. These shortcomings, though minor, should be considered when evaluating her as a follower.

Despite her flaws, Lydia remains an excellent follower in Skyrim. Her impressive health, expertise in heavy armor, one-handed, and block, along with her loyalty and reliability, make her a valuable asset in combat situations. Furthermore, her ability to carry a significant amount of items can be a practical advantage for players who struggle with inventory management. While she may not be the most complex or engaging character, Lydia’s combat prowess and unwavering dedication to the Dragonborn make her a worthy companion on any adventure in Skyrim.