How many children did Mary Mother of Jesus have?

Answered by Tom Adger

According to the Bible, the exact number of children that Mary, the mother of Jesus, had is not explicitly mentioned. However, there are a few possibilities that scholars have suggested based on various passages.

One possibility is that Mary had other children besides Jesus. In the New Testament, there are references to Jesus having brothers and sisters. For example, in Mark 6:3, it is mentioned that Jesus had siblings, including James, Joses, Judas, and Simon. The term “brothers” used in this context could refer to biological siblings.

Another possibility is that these references to Jesus’ brothers and sisters could actually be referring to close relatives or cousins rather than siblings. In some cultures and languages, the terms for “brother” and “sister” can be used more broadly to include extended family members. This interpretation is supported by the fact that in John 19:25, a Mary is mentioned as the wife of Clopas and the mother of James and Joses, which suggests that there could have been multiple Marys in Jesus’ family.

It is also worth noting that the Catholic Church, based on tradition and certain theological beliefs, teaches that Mary remained a virgin throughout her life and did not have any other children besides Jesus. This belief is not explicitly stated in the Bible but has been upheld by some Christians over the centuries.

Ultimately, the exact number of children that Mary had remains uncertain, and different interpretations and beliefs exist. The Bible does not provide a clear answer on this matter, leaving it open to personal interpretation and theological understanding.