Why is Harumi evil?

Answered by Willie Powers

Harumi’s transformation into an evil character can be attributed to a combination of factors, including her personal experiences, her admiration for Lord Garmadon, and her desire for vengeance against the ninja.

Firstly, Harumi’s tragic past plays a significant role in shaping her evil nature. Losing her parents during the rampage of the Great Devourer undoubtedly left a deep emotional scar on her. The trauma and grief she experienced as a result of this event likely fueled her desire for revenge. The pain of losing loved ones can often lead individuals down a dark path, seeking justice or retribution in any way possible. In Harumi’s case, this manifested as a deep-seated hatred towards the ninja, whom she held responsible for her parents’ deaths.

Furthermore, Harumi’s admiration for Lord Garmadon played a crucial role in her transformation. Lord Garmadon, despite his villainous nature, possessed immense power and had defeated the Great Devourer, the very creature responsible for Harumi’s parents’ demise. This accomplishment, coupled with Lord Garmadon’s charismatic and persuasive nature, captured Harumi’s attention and admiration. She saw him as a symbol of strength and believed that his methods were justified in the pursuit of justice. This admiration for Lord Garmadon likely influenced her decision to follow in his footsteps, embracing evil as a means to achieve her goals.

Additionally, Harumi’s desire for vengeance against the ninja fueled her descent into evil. She held the ninja responsible for allowing the Great Devourer to wreak havoc, leading to her parents’ deaths. This anger and resentment drove her to seek revenge, to make them suffer in the same way she had. Harumi’s desire for vengeance consumed her, blinding her to any other perspective or alternative paths towards healing and closure. She became fixated on her mission, willing to do whatever it took to bring pain and suffering to the ninja, even if it meant sacrificing her own humanity.

Harumi’s evil nature stems from a combination of her tragic past, her admiration for Lord Garmadon, and her burning desire for vengeance against the ninja. These factors shaped her beliefs, motivations, and actions, ultimately leading her down a path of darkness and destruction.