Why is Eris Morn blind?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

Eris Morn, a character in the Destiny video game series, is blind due to the events she experienced during the battle against the Hive on the Moon. The story of how she lost her eyes is a tragic one, filled with sacrifice and determination.

During the battle, Eris and her fireteam were confronted by the Hive and their powerful sorcery. In an attempt to escape death, Eris made a bargain with an Ahamkara, a wish-granting dragon-like creature. She used an Ahamkara bone as a conduit for her wish, seeking guidance and protection.

However, this wish came at a great cost. The Ahamkara, known for their trickery and deceit, granted her wish but also took something in return. In Eris’s case, it was her sight. The Ahamkara’s power twisted and corrupted her, taking away her ability to see.

Eris’s blindness serves as a constant reminder of the price she paid for her survival. It is a visible symbol of the darkness she encountered and the sacrifices she made. Her lack of sight also adds an element of vulnerability to her character, as she must rely on her other senses and her newfound Hive-inspired abilities to navigate and survive.

It is worth noting that Eris’s blindness goes beyond just physical sight. It represents a loss of innocence and a transformation of her very being. In her quest for vengeance against the Hive, she has become something different, something darker. Her eyes, or lack thereof, reflect the toll that her journey has taken on her soul.

Eris’s blindness also plays a significant role in her character development. It has forced her to adapt and find strength in other ways. She has honed her other senses and developed a keen awareness of the world around her. Eris has become a master of stealth and reconnaissance, relying on her hearing and intuition to navigate dangerous situations.

Furthermore, Eris’s blindness has become a source of inspiration for others. Despite her disability, she has become a powerful and respected ally in the fight against the darkness. Her ability to overcome adversity and continue fighting serves as a beacon of hope for those who may be facing their own challenges.

Eris Morn is blind due to the consequences of a bargain she made with an Ahamkara bone during a battle against the Hive. Her blindness serves as a constant reminder of the sacrifices she made and the darkness she encountered. However, it also adds depth to her character, showcasing her resilience, adaptability, and determination. Eris’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the strength that can be found in the face of adversity.