Why do they call Mafuyu Yuki?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

Mafuyu Yuki, a character in the anime and manga series “Given,” is often referred to by her alias “Yuki” which translates to “snow” in English. This alias holds significance as it is derived from the meaning of her given name, “Mafuyu,” which means “midwinter.” However, it is interesting to note that this explanation for her alias is later retconned in the series.

Initially, it is believed that Mafuyu chose the alias “Yuki” because it resonated with the meaning of her name. The name “Mafuyu” itself is associated with the colder months of the year, specifically midwinter. This connection likely inspired her to adopt an alias that symbolizes the beauty and tranquility of snow, which is often associated with winter.

However, as the story progresses, it is revealed that Mafuyu’s choice of the alias “Yuki” may have been more spontaneous and less deliberate. In one scene, Mafuyu explains that she was trying to come up with an alias and happened to see snow falling outside. This visual prompt sparked the idea of using “Yuki” as her alias, as it captured the essence of her name and the wintry atmosphere she observed.

The decision to retcon the meaning behind Mafuyu’s alias could be seen as an artistic choice to add depth and complexity to her character. By introducing this element of spontaneity, it highlights the idea that sometimes our choices and identities can be influenced by fleeting moments or external factors. This adds an element of realism and relatability to Mafuyu’s character, as many people can relate to making decisions based on the immediate circumstances or feelings they experience.

Mafuyu Yuki is called “Yuki” because it is a fitting alias that captures the essence of her name and the wintry atmosphere associated with it. Initially, it was believed that she chose this alias intentionally, but it is later revealed that it may have been a more spontaneous decision influenced by a snowy scene she witnessed. This retcon adds depth and realism to her character, showcasing how our choices and identities can be shaped by unexpected moments.