How do you kneel in Madden 22?

Answered by Edward Huber

To kneel the ball in Madden 22, you need to access the clock management section of special teams. In this section, you will find a variety of special plays that are designed to help you manage the in-game time effectively. Kneeling the ball is one of these plays, and it can be a useful strategy when you want to run down the clock and secure a victory.

To perform a kneel in Madden 22, follow these steps:

1. Pause the game: Press the pause button on your controller to bring up the pause menu. This will allow you to access the different options and make adjustments to your team’s strategy.

2. Select Special Teams: Once you are in the pause menu, navigate to the Special Teams section. This is where you will find the clock management plays and other special plays that can help you control the flow of the game.

3. Choose Clock Management: Within the Special Teams menu, look for the option called “Clock Management.” Selecting this will bring up a list of plays specifically designed to control the clock and manage in-game time.

4. Kneel the Ball: In the Clock Management plays, you should see an option to kneel the ball. Select this play to execute a kneel and run down the clock. The quarterback will take a knee, and the play will result in a minimal gain or no gain at all, but it will effectively run down the game clock.

It’s important to note that you can only kneel the ball when you have possession of it and are in a position where running another play would not be beneficial. Typically, you would use this strategy when you are in the lead and want to preserve your advantage by running down the clock and preventing the opposing team from having a chance to score.

By utilizing the kneel play effectively, you can strategically manage the game clock and increase your chances of securing a victory. It’s a simple yet powerful tactic that can make a significant difference in close games or when trying to protect a lead.

In my personal experience, I have found that kneeling the ball in Madden 22 can be a valuable tool for maintaining control of the game. It allows you to dictate the pace and flow of the game, giving your team a better chance of securing a win. However, it’s important to use this strategy wisely and in the appropriate situations. Timing is crucial, and a mistimed kneel play can give the opposing team an opportunity to mount a comeback.

To summarize, to kneel the ball in Madden 22, access the clock management section of special teams. Select the kneel play from the available options, and your quarterback will take a knee, running down the game clock. This strategy is useful when you want to preserve a lead and prevent the opposing team from having a chance to score.