Why do the Oilers play La Bamba?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

The Oilers’ decision to play “La Bamba” after every win at Rogers Place is a heartfelt tribute to a dear friend, but it has also become something much bigger. This choice reflects the team’s commitment to honoring the memory of Joey Moss, who was an integral part of the Oilers organization for over three decades.

Joey Moss, who passed away in October 2020, was a beloved figure within the Oilers community. He served as the locker room attendant for both the Edmonton Oilers and the Edmonton Football Team, making a lasting impact on everyone he encountered. Moss had Down syndrome, but that never hindered his enthusiasm, dedication, and love for the game.

The decision to play “La Bamba” originates from the special connection Moss had with the song. Moss was known for his vibrant personality, and one of his favorite moments was when he would lead the team in a rendition of “La Bamba” during celebrations after victories. The song became a symbol of joy, camaraderie, and triumph for Moss and the Oilers.

By playing “La Bamba” after every win, the Oilers are not only paying homage to their late friend but also creating a lasting tribute to his impact on the team and the community. The song serves as a reminder of Moss’s infectious spirit and the joy he brought to the organization.

Beyond the personal connection, the decision to play “La Bamba” also holds significance for the entire fan base. It has become a unifying symbol of celebration and triumph. The song resonates with fans, players, and staff alike, forging a deeper connection with the team and fostering a shared sense of community.

The Oilers’ dedication to playing “La Bamba” after each victory showcases the team’s commitment to honoring Moss’s legacy. It serves as a constant reminder of his impact and the values he embodied. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of inclusivity and the power of celebrating diversity within sports and society as a whole.

The Oilers’ decision to play “La Bamba” after every win at Rogers Place is a heartfelt tribute to Joey Moss, a cherished friend and integral member of the organization. This simple act not only honors Moss’s memory but also serves as a unifying symbol for the team and its fans. It signifies the Oilers’ commitment to celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and the power of community. The playing of “La Bamba” has transformed into something greater, embodying the spirit of triumph, joy, and camaraderie that Moss exemplified throughout his life.