Why did Nana choose Takumi?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Nana chose Takumi because she believed that he would be able to provide a stable and secure future for her and her child. She knew that Nobu, while kind and caring, did not have the financial means to support a family. Nana wanted to ensure that her child would have a comfortable life and believed that Takumi’s wealth and connections would provide that.

Additionally, Nana was also drawn to Takumi because of his ambition and drive. She admired his dedication to his career and his determination to make a name for himself in the music industry. Nana herself had dreams of becoming a successful musician, and she saw in Takumi someone who could help her achieve those goals.

Furthermore, Nana saw in Takumi a sense of maturity and responsibility that she felt was lacking in Nobu. While Nobu was kind-hearted and loving, he often struggled with his own personal issues and was not always reliable. Nana wanted someone who could be a stable and supportive partner, especially considering the challenges of raising a child.

Lastly, Nana’s decision to be with Takumi was also influenced by her desire for Blast, the band she and Ren were a part of, to become famous and popular. She knew that if Nobu were to take on the responsibility of caring for her child, he would have to give up his dreams of being a musician and return to his family’s inn. Nana did not want to see Nobu give up his passion and felt that being with Takumi would provide the best opportunity for Blast to succeed.

Nana chose Takumi because she believed he could provide financial stability, had ambition and drive, displayed maturity and responsibility, and would allow Blast to have a chance at success. She wanted to ensure a comfortable future for her child and believed that Takumi was the best choice for that.