Why did Jax let juice go?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Jax’s decision to let Juice go after discovering his betrayal and attempt to use the club as leverage against the Mayans can be attributed to a combination of several factors.

1. Loyalty and Brotherhood: Despite Juice’s actions, Jax is deeply rooted in the concept of loyalty and brotherhood within the club. He understands that Juice’s actions were driven by fear and desperation, and he empathizes with him. Jax may have recognized that Juice’s betrayal was a result of the intense pressure he was under and chose to show mercy and forgiveness.

2. Manipulation and Power Play: Jax is always thinking several moves ahead, and he understands the importance of having leverage in the criminal world. By letting Juice go, Jax maintains control over him, as Juice now owes him a debt. Jax may have seen an opportunity to use Juice’s actions to his advantage in the future, whether as a bargaining chip or as a means to gain information.

3. Personal Redemption: Jax himself has made numerous mistakes and has been involved in morally questionable actions throughout the series. He may see a reflection of his own flaws and past actions in Juice’s desperate attempt to survive. By letting Juice go, Jax may be trying to seek redemption for his own past misdeeds by offering a second chance to someone who has strayed from the path.

4. Preservation of the Club: Jax’s ultimate goal is to steer the club away from the criminal underworld and towards a legitimate business. He understands that maintaining unity and trust within the club is crucial for its survival and transformation. By letting Juice go, Jax avoids causing further internal divisions within the club and ensures that their united front remains intact.

Personal Experience:
In my own life, I have encountered situations where forgiveness and second chances have played a significant role. There have been times when someone close to me has betrayed my trust or made mistakes that could have caused irreparable damage to our relationship. However, I have chosen to show forgiveness and offer second chances because I believe in the power of redemption and growth. Just like Jax, I understand that people are capable of making mistakes, and it is important to consider the circumstances and motivations behind their actions. By giving someone a chance to rectify their wrongs, we open the door for personal growth and the possibility of rebuilding trust.