Why did Emeril say Bam?

Answered by John Hunt

Emeril Lagasse, the renowned chef and television personality, popularized the catchphrase “Bam!” during his cooking shows. But have you ever wondered why Emeril said “Bam!” in the first place? Well, let me take you back to the time when this iconic phrase was born.

It all started when Lagasse and his team were filming their cooking show. As the hours went by, the crew began to feel the post-lunch slump, and people started to doze off a little. Lagasse, being the energetic and lively personality that he is, couldn’t let this lack of enthusiasm affect the show’s energy.

Lagasse was already known for his fiery and dynamic cooking style, always kicking things up a notch with his bold flavors and innovative techniques. However, he needed something more to keep his staff awake and engaged on the set. And so, the idea of “Bam!” was born.

Rather than simply shouting “Bam!” out of nowhere, there was a practical reason behind it. Lagasse realized that a sudden loud noise or unexpected action would jolt his crew members awake and bring back their focus. It was a way to inject a burst of energy into the atmosphere and keep everyone on their toes.

So, Lagasse began incorporating the exclamation “Bam!” into his cooking demonstrations. Whenever he added a particularly intense ingredient, executed a skillful technique, or simply wanted to emphasize a point, he would shout “Bam!” with gusto. The suddenness and enthusiasm of the word became synonymous with Lagasse’s cooking style and his vibrant personality.

The effect was immediate and infectious. Lagasse’s energy spread throughout the set, waking everyone up and creating an electric atmosphere. The crew became more alert, and the viewers at home were captivated by Lagasse’s excitement.

Over time, Lagasse’s catchphrase “Bam!” became an iconic part of his brand. People began associating it with his cooking shows and his lively persona. It became a signature expression that represented Lagasse’s passion for food and his ability to bring excitement to the culinary world.

So, the next time you hear Emeril Lagasse shout “Bam!” during one of his shows or appearances, remember that it originated from the need to keep his staff awake and engaged. It’s a testament to his creativity and ability to adapt to any situation, even if it means resorting to a little bit of theatrics.

Emeril Lagasse said “Bam!” to infuse energy and excitement into his cooking shows, ensuring that his staff stayed awake and engaged. This catchphrase has become synonymous with Lagasse’s vibrant personality and is an integral part of his brand. So, let’s all embrace the “Bam!” and let it inspire us to add a little extra zest to our own lives, both in and out of the kitchen.