Does Joanne come back to The Ranch?

Answered by Jason Smith

Joanne does come back to The Ranch in the TV show. In the series, Joanne is Beau Bennett’s ex-wife and the mother of his two sons, Colt and Rooster. After their divorce, Joanne left The Ranch and moved to Chicago.

However, in a later season, Joanne unexpectedly returns to The Ranch to help Beau make a difficult decision. Beau has been torn between his relationship with Maggie, his current girlfriend, and his love for The Ranch, which has been in the Bennett family for generations.

Joanne’s return sparks a lot of emotions and conflicts within the family. Beau is unsure about what he truly wants, as he loves both Maggie and The Ranch deeply. Joanne, having experienced life outside of The Ranch, understands the dilemma he is facing and offers her perspective.

Throughout their conversations, Joanne reminds Beau of the importance of family and the connection they have to The Ranch. She encourages him to follow his heart and make a decision that will ultimately bring him happiness and fulfillment.

After much contemplation and soul-searching, Beau decides to stay at The Ranch. He realizes that his love for The Ranch runs deep and that it is where he truly belongs. With a heavy heart, he calls for a divorce from Maggie, knowing that he cannot fully commit to their relationship while his heart still belongs to The Ranch.

Meanwhile, Rooster, Beau and Joanne’s son, takes it upon himself to set up a meeting between Colt and Abby, Colt’s ex-girlfriend. Rooster believes that Abby still has feelings for Colt and that they deserve a chance to talk things through.

Abby, who recently broke up with her boyfriend Kenny, agrees to meet with Colt at The Ranch. When she arrives, Abby tells Colt about her breakup with Kenny and expresses her feelings for him. They have a heartfelt conversation, discussing their past and the possibility of a future together.

In this way, Joanne’s return to The Ranch not only helps Beau make a difficult decision but also plays a role in rekindling the romance between Colt and Abby. Her presence serves as a catalyst for important conversations and resolutions within the Bennett family.