Why can’t I make payment on AliExpress?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

I recently encountered a situation where I was unable to make a payment on AliExpress. The error message I received stated that my Alipay account needed to be verified and that the expiry date of my card was either incorrect or the card had expired. I was advised to try again with the correct expiry date or contact my bank for assistance. Additionally, I was informed that I could use another card or payment method instead.

Upon receiving this error message, I immediately double-checked the expiry date of my card to ensure that I had entered it correctly. However, to my surprise, the expiry date was indeed correct and the card was not expired. I decided to contact my bank to seek clarification and assistance.

During my conversation with the bank representative, I explained the situation and asked if there were any issues with my card that could be preventing me from making a payment on AliExpress. The representative confirmed that there were no issues with my card on their end and suggested that I reach out to AliExpress customer support for further assistance.

With the bank’s confirmation that my card was functioning properly, I decided to explore alternative payment methods on AliExpress. I discovered that there were several other options available, such as using a different card or even utilizing online payment platforms like PayPal. Since I had a PayPal account, I decided to link it to my AliExpress account and use it as a payment method instead.

By linking my PayPal account to AliExpress, I was able to successfully complete my purchase without any further issues. This alternative payment method provided a convenient solution and allowed me to continue shopping on the platform without any disruptions.

The inability to make a payment on AliExpress due to a verification issue or an expired card can be frustrating. However, it is important to double-check the expiry date of the card and ensure that it is not expired. If the card is valid, contacting the bank for assistance and exploring alternative payment methods, such as using a different card or online payment platforms, can help resolve the issue and allow for a smooth shopping experience on AliExpress.