What is a mulligan package?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

A mulligan package is a popular option offered at golf tournaments or other events where participants can purchase additional opportunities to redo a shot or attempt. The term “mulligan” originated from the game of golf, where it refers to a do-over shot that is not officially counted towards the player’s score. The concept of mulligans has now expanded beyond golf and is commonly used in various events and fundraisers.

The purpose of a mulligan package is to provide participants with the chance to improve their performance or have a second attempt at a shot, thereby increasing their overall enjoyment of the event. Mulligans are typically sold as a way to raise extra revenue, which is then used to fund prizes, gifts, or other event expenses.

There are various ways in which mulligan packages can be offered. The most common method is to sell mulligans individually, where participants can purchase a single mulligan for a specific price. For example, a tournament may offer mulligans at $5 each. This allows participants to buy as many mulligans as they desire, giving them the flexibility to use them strategically throughout the event.

Another option is to offer mulligan packages, which bundle multiple mulligans together at a discounted price. For instance, a tournament might offer a package of three mulligans for $10. This approach encourages participants to buy more mulligans at once, as they perceive it as a better value for their money.

It’s important to note that there is often a limit on the number of mulligans a person can purchase or use. This limit is typically set to ensure fairness and prevent any single individual from gaining an unfair advantage over others. In the example mentioned earlier, the maximum limit might be set at three mulligans per person.

Mulligan packages are not only a way to enhance the overall experience for participants but also serve as a source of additional revenue for the event organizers. The funds generated from mulligan sales can be used to provide attractive prizes for winners, fund event expenses, or even support charitable causes if the event has a philanthropic aspect.

In my personal experience, I have participated in golf tournaments where mulligan packages were offered. It was always exciting to have the option of purchasing mulligans, as it gave me a sense of control over my performance. Whether I used them strategically to improve my score or simply to have some fun, mulligan packages added an extra element of enjoyment to the event. Additionally, knowing that the funds raised from mulligan sales were going towards prizes or charitable causes made me feel even more motivated to participate.