Why are there so many brown recluse spiders in my house?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

There are several reasons why brown recluse spiders may be found in your house. These spiders are commonly found in secluded areas with low moisture, as they prefer dark and isolated spaces to build their nests and hunt for prey. Here are some specific reasons why they may be present in your home:

1. Secluded hiding spots: Brown recluse spiders seek out dark and isolated areas to make their homes. These can include wall voids, crawl spaces, attic spaces, and corners of cupboards or storage areas. These spots provide the perfect environment for the spiders to live, as they are undisturbed and offer protection from predators.

2. Easy access: If your home has cracks or gaps in the foundation or walls, brown recluse spiders can easily find their way inside. They are skilled at squeezing through small openings, making it difficult to keep them out. Once they find their way in, they can establish themselves in various areas of the house.

3. Cluttered spaces: Brown recluse spiders are attracted to cluttered spaces where they can hide and build their webs. If you have areas in your home that are cluttered or have a lot of stored items, these can provide ideal hiding spots for the spiders.

4. Low moisture levels: Brown recluse spiders prefer areas with low moisture, as high humidity can be detrimental to their survival. They are commonly found in dry areas like basements, storage cellars, and wall crevices. If these areas have low ventilation and limited air circulation, it creates an ideal environment for the spiders to thrive.

5. Prey availability: Another reason why you may have brown recluse spiders in your house is the presence of their preferred prey. These spiders primarily feed on insects, especially smaller ones like cockroaches, crickets, and silverfish. If your home has an abundance of these pests, it could attract brown recluse spiders as they search for food sources.

It’s important to note that while brown recluse spiders can be found in homes, their populations are typically low and they are not aggressive unless threatened. However, their bites can be dangerous and should be treated promptly if you suspect you have been bitten. Taking steps to prevent their presence in your home, such as sealing cracks and reducing clutter, can help minimize the chances of encountering these spiders.