Why are Piglins killing me?

Answered by Edward Huber

Why are Piglins killing me?

Piglins are hostile creatures found in the Nether, and they can be quite aggressive if certain conditions are not met. Understanding why Piglins attack you is crucial for surviving and navigating through the dangerous Nether environment.

1. Lack of gold equipment:
Piglins have a strong affinity for gold, and they become hostile towards players who do not have any gold armor or gold items equipped. This means that if you enter the Nether without any gold gear, Piglins will immediately see you as a threat and attack. Therefore, it is essential to wear at least one piece of gold armor or have a gold item in your hand to avoid their aggression. This behavior is likely due to their fascination with gold and their territorial nature.

2. Attacking other Piglins or Piglin Brutes:
Piglins exhibit a sense of loyalty towards each other, and they will defend their kind against any harm. If you attack a Piglin or a Piglin Brute, nearby Piglins will become aggressive and attack you in retaliation. It is important to note that Piglins do not differentiate between intentional attacks or accidental hits, so be cautious when fighting other hostile mobs in their vicinity.

3. Breaking/opening certain items:
Piglins are highly protective of their belongings and the treasures they scavenge in the Nether. If you break or open certain items in their presence, they will perceive it as a threat and become hostile towards you. The items that provoke their aggression include chests, barrels, minecarts with chests, and shulker boxes. This behavior may stem from their territorial instincts and their desire to keep their loot secure.

4. Breaking gold ore:
Piglins have a deep fondness for gold and consider it their primary currency in the Nether. If you mine or break gold ore blocks in their presence, they will interpret it as an act of theft and immediately attack you. This behavior reflects their possessiveness over gold resources and their inclination to protect what they consider valuable.

It is worth mentioning that Piglins can be valuable allies if you approach them correctly. By offering them gold ingots, they can be bartered with for various useful items, including rare Netherite gear. However, it is essential to maintain caution and be aware of the conditions that can provoke their hostility.

Piglins attack players for various reasons, including the absence of gold equipment, attacking their kind, breaking/opening certain items, and mining gold ore in their presence. Understanding their behavior and taking the necessary precautions can help you navigate the Nether safely and potentially even benefit from their bartering system.