Why are my jasmine leaves turning yellow and falling off?

Answered by Michael Wilson

There can be several reasons why your jasmine leaves are turning yellow and falling off. One of the most common causes is overwatering. When jasmine plants are given too much water, their roots become waterlogged, leading to a lack of oxygen and nutrient uptake. This can cause the leaves to soften, sag, and eventually turn yellow. If the overwatering continues, the leaves may even fall off completely.

To determine if your jasmine plant is being overwatered, you can check the soil. If it feels spongy or wet when you press on it with your finger, it is a clear sign of excess moisture. Additionally, if you notice water coming out of the pot’s drainage holes when you water the plant, it is an indication of overwatering.

Another symptom of overwatering is the appearance of bumps on the stems. These bumps, which are known as corky bumps, can turn brown and become hard. This is a defensive response of the plant to protect itself from the excessive moisture. If you notice these bumps, it is a clear sign that your jasmine is being overwatered.

Overwatering can be especially problematic for potted plants like jasmine because they have limited space for root growth and less efficient drainage compared to plants grown in the ground. Therefore, it is important to be cautious with watering and ensure that the excess water can easily drain out of the pot.

To prevent overwatering, you can follow some guidelines. Firstly, make sure the pot has drainage holes to allow water to escape. Secondly, water the plant only when the top inch of the soil feels dry to the touch. This will prevent overwatering and promote healthy root growth. Lastly, be mindful of the plant’s water requirements during different seasons. For example, jasmine plants may require less water during winter when they are in a dormant state.

If your jasmine leaves are turning yellow and falling off, overwatering is a likely culprit. Pay attention to the soil moisture, the appearance of the leaves and stems, and the drainage of the pot. By adjusting your watering habits and providing appropriate drainage, you can help your jasmine plant recover and prevent further leaf yellowing and loss.