Who was the person that fell on The Masked Singer?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

The person who was eliminated from The Masked Singer in season 7 was Duff Goldman. Duff is a 47-year-old Food Network star known for his skills as a pastry chef and cake artist. He competed on the show under the disguise of McTerrier, a Scottish terrier character.

Although Duff was the first contestant to be eliminated from the show, he didn’t express any disappointment about his early exit. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, he revealed that he wasn’t bothered by it at all. This shows a great sense of sportsmanship and a positive attitude towards the experience.

It’s worth noting that being eliminated early on a competition show like The Masked Singer can be disheartening for many contestants. However, Duff’s reaction demonstrates his ability to take setbacks in stride and maintain a positive outlook. This kind of mindset is admirable and can be inspiring to others.

Duff Goldman’s participation on The Masked Singer was undoubtedly an exciting opportunity for him to showcase his talent in a different setting. While his journey on the show was cut short, it’s important to recognize the courage it takes to step out of one’s comfort zone and embrace new challenges.

The Masked Singer is known for its unpredictable twists and turns, making it difficult to predict who will be eliminated next. Duff’s early exit serves as a reminder that even talented individuals can face unexpected outcomes in competitions. It also highlights the importance of enjoying the journey and not solely focusing on the end result.

Duff Goldman’s appearance on The Masked Singer as McTerrier was short-lived but memorable. His positive attitude and grace in the face of elimination are commendable qualities that demonstrate his character. While he may not have won the competition, he certainly left an impression with his fans and viewers of the show.