Who was the final villain in Pretty Little Liars?

Answered by Robert Dupre

The final villain in the television series “Pretty Little Liars” is Alexandra Drake, also known as Alex Drake. She serves as the main antagonist in Seasons 6B and 7, taking on the identity of Uber A or “A.D.” Throughout the series, Alex’s character is revealed to be the identical twin sister of Spencer Hastings, making her a significant and unexpected adversary for the Liars.

Alex Drake is introduced in Season 6B as a mysterious and elusive character. She poses as Spencer multiple times, causing confusion and suspicion among the Liars and their allies. It is eventually revealed that she is Charlotte DiLaurentis’ half-sister, as they share the same biological mother, Mary Drake. This connection to Charlotte adds another layer of complexity to Alex’s motives and actions.

One of the key aspects of Alex’s character is her relationship with Wren Kingston, a former love interest of Spencer. Wren becomes involved with Alex, unaware of her true identity, and their relationship becomes a driving force behind Alex’s actions. This romantic entanglement adds an emotional dimension to Alex’s character, as she becomes determined to avenge Wren’s death and seek revenge on the Liars.

Throughout Season 7, Alex’s true identity is gradually revealed, leading to a climactic showdown with the Liars. She reveals her intricate plan to take over Spencer’s life and become the dominant twin, driven by a deep-rooted jealousy and desire for validation. Alex’s actions are fueled by a sense of abandonment and a need to prove herself, which results in her targeting the Liars and manipulating their lives.

Alex’s portrayal as the final villain in “Pretty Little Liars” is both shocking and intriguing. Her complex backstory, intertwined relationships, and motivations make her a formidable adversary for the Liars. The series delves into her psychology and explores the depths of her obsession and manipulation, creating a compelling and captivating narrative.

Alexandra Drake, also known as Alex Drake, is the final antagonist in “Pretty Little Liars.” As Uber A or “A.D.,” she poses as Spencer Hastings, revealing herself to be Spencer’s identical twin sister. Her relationships, particularly with Wren Kingston, and her deep-rooted jealousy and desire for validation drive her to become a formidable adversary for the Liars. Alex’s character adds intrigue and complexity to the series, making her a memorable final villain.