Who was Pegasus enemy?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Pegasus, the famous winged horse in Greek mythology, didn’t have a specific enemy. However, there were a few creatures and individuals who posed a threat to Pegasus or were involved in conflicts with him.

1. The Chimera: Pegasus’ most notable enemy is the Chimera, a fearsome monster with the body of a lion, the head of a goat, and a serpent’s tail. The Chimera was wreaking havoc in Lycia, terrorizing the land and its people. Bellerophon, a mortal hero, sought to defeat the Chimera and was given Pegasus by the goddess Athena to aid him in his quest. Together, Bellerophon and Pegasus successfully vanquished the Chimera, cementing their place in Greek mythology.

2. Gravity: This may seem like an odd entry, but gravity can be considered an enemy of Pegasus in a sense. As a winged horse, Pegasus had the ability to fly and soar through the skies. However, gravity constantly pulled him down, limiting his ability to stay airborne indefinitely. While Pegasus could fly higher than most creatures, he was still subject to the force of gravity, which ultimately brought him back to the ground.

3. Other mythical creatures: Although Pegasus didn’t have any direct enemies among other mythical creatures, he likely encountered various creatures during his travels. These encounters may have led to conflicts or challenges, but specific instances or enemies are not mentioned in the myths.

4. Mortal hunters: Pegasus, being a magnificent and rare creature, would undoubtedly have attracted the attention of mortal hunters. In some versions of the myth, it is said that Bellerophon had to face jealousy and envy from other mortals who desired to possess Pegasus for themselves. These hunters may have viewed Pegasus as a prized trophy or a source of power, making them potential adversaries.

It’s important to note that Pegasus is often depicted as a gentle and benevolent creature, known for his beauty and grace. He is often associated with heroism, poetry, and inspiration. While there may have been conflicts or challenges in his mythological journey, Pegasus is primarily celebrated as a symbol of freedom and the boundless possibilities of flight.