What mixes good with brandy?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

When it comes to mixing brandy, there are plenty of options to suit various tastes and preferences. Here are some popular mixers that pair well with brandy:

1. Heavy cream, milk, or other dairy: Adding a splash of cream or milk can create a smooth and creamy texture, making it a perfect option for those who enjoy a richer cocktail. This works particularly well with dessert-style brandies or in creamy cocktails like a Brandy Alexander.

2. Coffee: Brandy and coffee are a classic combination. The rich flavors of coffee complement the smoothness of brandy, creating a delightful blend. You can simply add a shot of brandy to your favorite cup of joe or try popular coffee-based cocktails like Irish coffee or Spanish coffee.

3. Coffee-flavored liqueur such as Kahlúa: If you want to enhance the coffee notes in your brandy, adding a coffee liqueur like Kahlúa can take your drink to the next level. It adds depth, sweetness, and a touch of complexity to the flavor profile.

4. Ginger ale or ginger beer: For a refreshing and slightly spicy twist, mix brandy with ginger ale or ginger beer. The sharpness of ginger works well with the fruity and caramel notes in brandy, creating a perfectly balanced cocktail.

5. Tea: Infusing brandy with tea can result in a unique and aromatic blend. You can try mixing brandy with black tea, green tea, or herbal teas like chamomile or earl grey. Experiment with different tea flavors to find your preferred combination.

6. Lemonade: Mixing brandy with lemonade creates a zesty and refreshing drink, perfect for hot summer days. The citrusy notes of lemonade complement the fruity flavors of brandy, resulting in a well-balanced and easy-to-sip cocktail.

7. Orange juice: Brandy and orange juice make a classic combination, similar to the popular cocktail, the “Brandy Daisy.” The tangy sweetness of orange juice pairs beautifully with the smoothness of brandy, creating a bright and citrusy drink.

8. Sweet and sour mix: If you prefer a more tangy and balanced cocktail, you can mix brandy with a sweet and sour mix. This mixer typically combines citrus juices with simple syrup, creating a sweet yet tart flavor profile that complements brandy well.

Remember, the key to finding your perfect brandy mixer is experimentation. Feel free to adjust the ratios and ingredients to suit your personal taste preferences. Cheers!