Who’s viewing did Jack go to in Lost?

Answered by Michael Wilson

In the TV series Lost, Jack attended the viewing of a man named Jeremy Bentham. Bentham was found dead in Los Angeles, and Jack came across this news while he was on a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. He noticed an article in a newspaper, which caught his attention. This event occurred during one of Jack’s numerous attempts to return to the mysterious Island.

Jack’s attendance at Jeremy Bentham’s viewing was significant, as he was the only person present. The fact that no one else showed up suggests that Bentham was not well-known or had few connections. It also adds to the mysterious nature of Bentham’s death and his overall role in the story of Lost.

The details surrounding Jeremy Bentham’s death were not explicitly mentioned in the show. However, it can be inferred that his death had some connection to the Island or the events that took place there. Bentham was known to be a key figure in the group of survivors who called themselves the Oceanic Six, a group that managed to escape the Island. His death in Los Angeles raises questions about how and why he ended up there after leaving the Island.

Jack’s decision to attend Bentham’s viewing demonstrates his sense of duty and responsibility. Despite being physically and emotionally exhausted from his previous experiences on the Island, Jack felt compelled to pay his respects to Bentham. This action highlights Jack’s compassionate and caring nature, as well as his desire to make sense of the mysteries surrounding the Island and its inhabitants.

The viewing itself would have been a somber and reflective experience for Jack. He would have been confronted with the reality of Bentham’s death and the uncertainty surrounding their time on the Island. It may have also served as a reminder of the life-and-death struggles they faced together.

The viewing of Jeremy Bentham’s body was a pivotal moment in Jack’s journey on Lost. It added another layer of intrigue and mystery to the already complex narrative. Jack’s attendance at the viewing showcased his character traits and further deepened the enigma surrounding the Island and its inhabitants.