How do you get the Cholula cap off?

Answered by Willian Lymon

To open a bottle of Cholula hot sauce, you will first notice a plastic film around the wooden cap. This film serves as a seal to ensure the freshness and quality of the sauce. To remove it, locate the serrated edge on the film. Gently pull at this edge or use your fingernail to create a small tear. Once you have a grip on the film, slowly peel it away from the bottle, making sure not to damage the wooden cap underneath.

Now that the plastic film is removed, it’s time to remove the wooden cap itself. Place your hand firmly on the wooden cap, ensuring a good grip. You may find it helpful to use a towel or cloth to get a better hold if the cap feels slippery. With your other hand, hold the bottle securely to keep it from moving.

To open the bottle, twist the wooden cap in an anti-clockwise motion. Apply steady pressure as you turn, and you should feel the cap start to loosen. Continue twisting until the cap is completely removed from the bottle.

It’s worth noting that sometimes the wooden cap can be tightly sealed, especially if it hasn’t been opened in a while. In such cases, you may need to use a bit more force or leverage to break the seal. One approach is to tap the cap gently on the edge of a counter or table to help loosen it before attempting to twist it off.

As you remove the cap, you may notice a small plastic or metal disk adhered to the underside. This is a freshness seal that helps preserve the sauce and ensures its safety. It is normal for this seal to remain attached to the cap when you open the bottle.

Once the cap is off, you can enjoy the delicious Cholula hot sauce to your heart’s content. Remember to refrigerate the bottle after opening to maintain its flavor and quality for as long as possible.