Who really owns Wild N Out?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

The ownership of Wild ‘N Out, a popular comedy improv show, has been a topic of discussion and speculation. While it is true that Nick Cannon has been a prominent figure in the show and has played a significant role in its success, the question of who truly owns Wild ‘N Out is a bit more complex.

To understand the ownership structure of the show, it’s important to look at its history. Wild ‘N Out originally premiered on MTV in 2005 and was created by Nick Cannon himself. The show quickly gained popularity for its unique blend of comedy, rap battles, and improvisation. However, in 2007, after four successful seasons, Wild ‘N Out was canceled by MTV due to some controversies surrounding the show.

Fast forward to 2012, Nick Cannon regained ownership of Wild ‘N Out and decided to revive the series. This time, he took a different approach by partnering with the ViacomCBS-owned network, VH1. The show was relaunched and has been running successfully ever since.

While Nick Cannon is undoubtedly the face of Wild ‘N Out and has played a crucial role in its development and success, it is important to note that ownership of the show is not solely in his hands. ViacomCBS, the media conglomerate that owns VH1, also holds a significant stake in the show.

ViacomCBS is a major player in the entertainment industry, owning numerous television networks, film studios, and production companies. The partnership between Nick Cannon and ViacomCBS allows both parties to benefit from the success of Wild ‘N Out. While the exact ownership structure and financial details are not publicly disclosed, it is safe to assume that Nick Cannon holds a significant stake in the show as its creator and executive producer.

It is worth mentioning that the success of Wild ‘N Out as a billion-dollar business, as stated by Nick Cannon, can be attributed to the collaborative efforts and entrepreneurial mindset of both Nick Cannon and ViacomCBS. The show’s popularity and profitability are a result of their combined expertise, resources, and strategic decisions.

While Nick Cannon is an integral part of Wild ‘N Out and has made substantial contributions to its success, the ownership of the show is not solely in his hands. ViacomCBS, as the parent company of VH1, plays a significant role in the ownership and financial aspects of the show. The partnership between Nick Cannon and ViacomCBS has been instrumental in turning Wild ‘N Out into a thriving billion-dollar business.