Who played Wilson staff on PGA Tour?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

I’ve been following the PGA Tour for quite some time now, and I’ve noticed that Wilson staff players have had a strong presence on the tour over the years. Some notable players who have played Wilson wedges include Gary Woodland, Kevin Streelman, Brendan Steele, and a few others.

Gary Woodland, a major champion and one of the longest hitters on tour, has been using Wilson wedges in his bag. He has been a consistent performer on the PGA Tour and has relied on Wilson wedges for their versatility and performance around the greens.

Kevin Streelman is another player who has found success with Wilson wedges. He has been a staff player for Wilson for several years and has had numerous top finishes on the PGA Tour. Streelman has often mentioned the confidence he feels with his Wilson wedges and the control they provide on approach shots and around the greens.

Brendan Steele is another player who has trusted Wilson wedges in his bag. He has been a consistent performer on the PGA Tour and has had multiple wins using Wilson equipment. Steele has spoken highly of the feel and consistency of his Wilson wedges, which have helped him excel in his short game.

The Wilson FG Tour wedge, in particular, has been a popular choice among these players. It offers a classic shape and a soft, forged feel that many professionals appreciate. The FG Tour wedge also features precision milled grooves, which provide excellent spin and control on shots around the green.

In addition to these players, there have been several other professionals who have played Wilson wedges on the PGA Tour. Wilson has a strong presence on tour and continues to provide top-quality equipment for players of all skill levels.

Wilson staff players on the PGA Tour have had great success with their wedges, relying on their performance and versatility to excel in their short game. The trust these players have in their Wilson equipment speaks volumes about the quality and performance of Wilson wedges on the professional stage.