Who is the blue alien in Fifth element?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

The blue alien in the film The Fifth Element is known as the Diva Plavalaguna. She is a unique and captivating character that plays a crucial role in the storyline. The Diva is portrayed on-screen by Maïwenn Le Besco, a French actress, but her singing voice is provided by the talented opera soprano Inva Mula.

In the film, the Diva Plavalaguna is a renowned opera singer from the planet Fhloston, and she possesses a truly mesmerizing and otherworldly voice. Her appearance is striking, with her blue skin, elegant and ethereal costume, and antennae-like appendages on her head. The visual effects and makeup work in creating her character are truly remarkable.

However, it is Inva Mula’s powerful and angelic voice that truly brings the Diva to life. Mula’s exceptional singing abilities perfectly match the Diva’s extraordinary nature and add a layer of depth and emotion to the character. Her vocals during the film’s iconic opera scene are particularly memorable.

It is worth noting that Inva Mula was credited in the film using her then married name as Inva Mula Tchako. This is a common practice in the film industry to acknowledge a singer’s contribution to a character’s performance.

The Diva Plavalaguna’s role in The Fifth Element is vital to the plot, as she possesses a key element necessary to save humanity from an impending doomsday event. Her character represents beauty, grace, and the power of music to unite people and transcend language barriers.

As an expert in film, I find the portrayal of the Diva Plavalaguna in The Fifth Element to be a testament to the creativity and imagination of the film’s creators. The combination of Maïwenn Le Besco’s striking physical presence and Inva Mula’s breathtaking vocals make the Diva a truly unforgettable character.

The blue alien in The Fifth Element, known as the Diva Plavalaguna, is an iconic and integral part of the film. Through the collaboration of Maïwenn Le Besco’s on-screen portrayal and Inva Mula’s incredible singing talent, the character comes to life in a way that captivates audiences and adds a unique and magical element to the story.