Who is Langa’s crush?

Answered by Jason Smith

Langa’s crush in the anime series “SK8 the Infinity” is indeed Reki. Throughout the show, there are several instances that strongly suggest Langa’s feelings for Reki. One notable moment occurs in episode 8 when Langa’s mother asks him if he likes someone. Instead of directly mentioning Reki’s name, Langa refers to him as “a person” but confirms his feelings with a blush and embarrassment.

This scene is significant because Langa’s reaction indicates his romantic interest in Reki. The blush and embarrassment are common signs of attraction, often seen in anime and other media when a character has feelings for someone. Langa’s inability to openly admit his crush by saying Reki’s name suggests his shyness and hesitance to confess his feelings.

It’s important to note that the portrayal of Langa’s crush on Reki is a significant aspect of the series. The show explores the complexities of their relationship and the challenges they face as they navigate their feelings for each other. This adds depth and emotional development to the characters and their storyline.

Furthermore, Langa’s crush on Reki is not only evident in that particular scene but is also subtly hinted at throughout the series. There are various moments of Langa’s admiration for Reki, such as his constant desire to spend time with him, his concern for Reki’s well-being, and his willingness to support and encourage him in his skateboarding pursuits.

These subtle gestures, combined with Langa’s blushing confession in episode 8, strongly indicate that he has romantic feelings for Reki. Their relationship is a central theme in the show and is explored further as the series progresses.

Langa’s crush in “SK8 the Infinity” is undeniably Reki. The show presents numerous instances that suggest Langa’s romantic interest in him, including his blushing confession when asked about his feelings. This aspect of their relationship adds depth and emotional complexity to the characters’ storyline, making it a significant aspect of the series.