Who is Issei’s queen?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

After their victorious battle against the goddess Nyx, Issei Hyoudou made a life-changing decision – to reincarnate Ingvild Leviathan, an immensely powerful and skilled fighter, as his Queen. This choice not only solidified their bond but also marked a significant turning point in their relationship. Ingvild, now bestowed with the title of Queen, would stand by Issei’s side as an equal partner, supporting and protecting him in their future endeavors.

Issei’s choice to make Ingvild his Queen was not a decision taken lightly. He recognized her incredible potential and unwavering loyalty, both of which were crucial traits for a Queen. Ingvild had proven her worth on countless occasions, displaying her prowess in battle and her dedication to Issei’s cause. Her transformation into a Queen symbolized their deep connection and the trust they had developed over their shared experiences.

As Issei’s Queen, Ingvild would assume a position of authority and responsibility. She would be his most trusted advisor, assisting him in making important decisions and strategizing for future battles. Ingvild’s vast knowledge and experience in combat would be invaluable in navigating the dangerous and treacherous world they inhabited.

Ingvild’s role as Queen also meant that she would be responsible for the well-being of Issei and their peerage. She would oversee the development and training of their team members, ensuring they reached their full potential. Ingvild’s natural leadership qualities, combined with her compassionate nature, made her an ideal candidate for this role. She would inspire and motivate their peerage to achieve greatness, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among them.

The bond between Issei and Ingvild as Queen and King went beyond mere duty and responsibility. They shared a deep emotional connection, forged through their shared trials and victories. Issei saw in Ingvild a kindred spirit, someone who understood him on a profound level. Ingvild, in turn, admired Issei’s unwavering determination and unwavering commitment to protect those he cared about. Their relationship was built on trust, respect, and a mutual desire to support and uplift one another.

Being Issei’s Queen also meant that Ingvild would enjoy certain privileges and benefits. She would have access to the vast resources and knowledge of the Gremory family, which would aid her in further honing her skills and increasing her power. Additionally, as a Queen, Ingvild would have the opportunity to attend various important events and gatherings, representing Issei and their peerage with grace and dignity.

However, being a Queen also came with its own set of challenges and sacrifices. Ingvild would have to embrace her role fully, sometimes putting her own desires and aspirations on hold for the greater good. She would bear the weight of responsibility for the safety and well-being of their peerage, a burden that could be emotionally taxing at times. Nevertheless, Ingvild was more than willing to take on these challenges, knowing that her partnership with Issei would allow them to overcome any obstacle they faced.

Issei’s choice to reincarnate Ingvild as his Queen was a pivotal moment in their journey. It solidified their bond, granting Ingvild a position of authority and responsibility by Issei’s side. As Queen, Ingvild would provide unwavering support, guidance, and protection to Issei and their peerage. Their relationship, built on trust and mutual admiration, would continue to grow stronger as they faced the challenges of their world together.