Who does Reid kiss in Criminal Minds?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

In Criminal Minds, Reid kisses Lila Archer, an actress whom the BAU is protecting in the episode “Somebody’s Watching.” Lila becomes infatuated with Reid, and her feelings for him intensify throughout the episode. This leads to a moment where Lila impulsively drags Reid into the house’s pool and starts kissing him passionately.

Reid, however, is burdened by a guilty conscience as he has been keeping a secret from Lila. He decides that he can no longer withhold the truth and tells her about Michael’s death. Michael was Lila’s stalker, and the team had been protecting her from him. Unfortunately, Michael had managed to sneak into her house and Reid had no choice but to shoot him to protect Lila.

The revelation of Michael’s death deeply affects Lila, as she had developed a twisted fascination with him. She is devastated by the loss and struggles to come to terms with the reality of the situation. Reid, too, is emotionally impacted by the events and feels a sense of responsibility for Lila’s pain.

As for my personal experiences, I haven’t been in a situation where I have kissed someone while burdened by a guilty conscience or had to reveal a tragic truth. However, I can understand the complexity of emotions that Reid must have felt in that moment. It is never easy to bear the weight of such a heavy secret, especially when it involves someone you care about.

Reid kisses Lila Archer in Criminal Minds, but the moment is overshadowed by the revelation of Michael’s death. The scene highlights the emotional turmoil both characters experience and the consequences of withholding the truth.