Who did Cisco date on LHH?

Answered by Edward Huber

In season six of Love & Hip Hop, Cisco Rosado, a recurring cast member, enters a romantic relationship with Moe Money. They seemed to hit it off initially, and their relationship appeared to be going well. However, as the season progresses, a complicated love triangle emerges, involving Cisco, Moe Money, and another cast member named Mariahlynn.

Unfortunately, Cisco’s fidelity comes into question when he cheats on Moe Money with Mariahlynn. This betrayal causes a significant rift between the two women, leading to tension and drama within the group. The situation becomes even more complicated when Cisco admits that he used Mariahlynn as a means to get back at Rich Dollaz, another cast member and a friend of Cisco’s.

It is revealed that the reason Cisco sought revenge was because Rich had previously engaged in a sexual relationship with Diamond Strawberry, who was also a cast member on the show. This revelation adds another layer of drama and tension to the situation, as Cisco’s actions not only hurt Moe Money but also seem to stem from a desire to retaliate against Rich.

The love triangle and the subsequent fallout between Cisco, Moe Money, and Mariahlynn become a central storyline in season six of Love & Hip Hop. The drama unfolds as the cast members navigate their complicated relationships, deal with the consequences of their actions, and try to find resolution amidst the chaos.

It is worth noting that Love & Hip Hop is a reality TV show, and the events and relationships portrayed on the show may be edited or manipulated for dramatic effect. While the show provides entertainment, it is essential to remember that the relationships and conflicts depicted may not accurately reflect the cast members’ real-life experiences.