Does Aslaug still breastfeed Ivar?

Answered by Robert Flynn

It is quite surprising to learn that Queen Aslaug is still breastfeeding Ivar, even though he is four or five years old now. It’s not something we commonly hear about in our society today, but it’s important to remember that the show Vikings is set in a different time and cultural context where such practices might have been more acceptable.

Breastfeeding a child until the age of four or five is certainly unusual by modern standards. In most cultures, breastfeeding is typically encouraged for the first few months or years of a child’s life, providing essential nutrition and establishing a bond between mother and child. However, as children grow older, their nutritional needs change, and they begin to explore other sources of nourishment.

The portrayal of Aslaug still breastfeeding Ivar may be a deliberate choice by the show’s creators to highlight the unique customs and beliefs of the Viking people. It helps to illustrate the cultural differences between the Vikings and other societies of that time.

It’s worth noting that extended breastfeeding, although less common today, has been practiced in various cultures throughout history. Some cultures believe that breastfeeding for an extended period provides additional health benefits for the child and strengthens the mother-child bond. These beliefs and practices can vary greatly across different societies and are influenced by factors such as tradition, beliefs, and available resources.

As for Harbard’s arrival in Kattegat, it adds an intriguing twist to the storyline. Harbard is portrayed as a mysterious and enigmatic figure, often associated with magic and supernatural abilities. His presence in the show often brings about significant changes and challenges for the characters.

Harbard’s arrival may foreshadow significant events or conflicts that will unfold in future episodes. It is not uncommon for the show to introduce new characters or storylines to keep the audience engaged and to further develop the narrative.

The portrayal of Queen Aslaug still breastfeeding Ivar and Harbard’s arrival in Kattegat adds depth and complexity to the show Vikings. While these storylines may seem unusual or unexpected from a modern perspective, they serve to highlight the cultural differences and beliefs of the Viking society portrayed in the series.