Who defeated Smoker?

Answered by Edward Huber

In the world of One Piece, Smoker, a Marine Vice Admiral, is a character known for his strong sense of justice and determination to capture pirates. However, his credibility among fans took a hit during the Dressrosa arc when he faced off against the powerful pirate, Doflamingo.

During the climax of the arc, Smoker bravely confronted Doflamingo in an attempt to apprehend him and bring him to justice. Unfortunately for Smoker, Doflamingo proved to be a formidable opponent, easily overwhelming him in battle. The defeat was a blow to Smoker’s reputation, as he had previously been portrayed as a strong and capable Marine.

To make matters worse, Doflamingo was on the verge of killing Smoker when suddenly, a surprising turn of events occurred. Aokiji, a former Admiral of the Marines, appeared and intervened, forcing Doflamingo to give up his intention to kill Smoker. This unexpected intervention saved Smoker’s life but also further highlighted his inability to handle Doflamingo on his own.

The consecutive losses suffered by Smoker in the Dressrosa arc led to a decline in his credibility among One Piece fans. Many fans had high expectations for Smoker, considering his rank and reputation, but his defeat at the hands of Doflamingo demonstrated that he still had room for growth and improvement as a fighter.

It is worth noting that Smoker’s character development extends beyond this arc, and he continues to play a role in the One Piece story. Despite his setbacks, Smoker remains a determined and resilient character, always striving to uphold justice and capture pirates. While his credibility may have been eroded by his losses, it is important to remember that even the strongest characters in One Piece face challenges and setbacks in their journeys.

During the Dressrosa arc, Smoker faced off against Doflamingo and suffered a defeat, causing a decline in his credibility among One Piece fans. However, it is essential to consider Smoker’s character development and ongoing journey in the series, as setbacks and challenges are common for all characters in the world of One Piece.