Why is moonfish called moonfish?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Moonfish is called Moonfish due to his unique appearance and ability. He has a fish-like face with sharp, jagged teeth, resembling the mouth of a predator lurking in the deep sea. This distinctive feature is what earned him the moniker “Moonfish”.

I first encountered Moonfish during a confrontation with the League of Villains, where his terrifying appearance immediately caught my attention. His elongated limbs, covered in scars and tattoos, gave him an eerie presence that sent shivers down my spine. It was as if he was a creature from the darkest depths of the ocean, ready to strike at any moment.

But Moonfish’s name isn’t just derived from his appearance; it also stems from his Quirk, known as “Lunar Blades”. This Quirk allows him to extend and retract razor-sharp blades from his fingertips, similar to the fins of a fish. With these deadly weapons, he can slice through flesh and bone with ease, making him a formidable opponent in combat.

However, Moonfish’s terrifying appearance and deadly Quirk are not the only reasons he is called Moonfish. His deranged nature and twisted mindset also play a significant role in earning him this epithet. Moonfish is known for his sadistic tendencies and his enjoyment in inflicting pain on others. He takes pleasure in the suffering of his victims, reveling in their fear and anguish.

Moreover, Moonfish’s criminal activities further solidify his reputation as “The Death Row Inmate”. His crimes are said to be heinous and vile, to the extent that they warrant the death penalty. However, he managed to escape this fate by breaking out of prison, leaving a trail of chaos and terror in his wake.

Moonfish is called Moonfish due to his fish-like appearance, his deadly Quirk, and his deranged and sadistic nature. His reputation as “The Death Row Inmate” is a result of his criminal activities, which were deemed worthy of the death penalty. All of these factors combined make Moonfish a truly terrifying and dangerous individual within the world of villains.