Who are the Red paladins?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

The Red Paladins, a formidable group of purists, are driven by an intense desire to see the extinction of the Fey and the eradication of magic from the world. Led by Father Carden, they are a dangerous force to be reckoned with, their actions often guided by their unwavering faith and loyalty to their cause. Their collaboration with King Uther only serves to amplify their influence and reach, making them a significant threat in the realm.

Father Carden, a charismatic and zealous leader, possesses an unwavering conviction in the righteousness of their mission. His ability to rally his followers and instill a fervent belief in their cause is a testament to his persuasive skills. The Red Paladins, under his guidance, operate with a singular purpose – to rid the world of the Fey and magic, which they view as corruptive and impure.

The Red Paladins’ deep-seated hatred for the Fey stems from their belief that these magical beings have caused great harm and suffering to humanity. They see the Fey as a blight on society, manipulating and deceiving humans for their own gain. In their eyes, the only solution is to eliminate the Fey entirely, erasing their existence from the world.

To achieve their goals, the Red Paladins employ various tactics. They actively hunt down and capture Fey creatures, subjecting them to cruel and inhumane treatment. Their methods are brutal and unforgiving, often resulting in the torture and death of those they capture. This ruthless approach serves as a warning to other Fey, instilling fear and discouraging any resistance.

Furthermore, the Red Paladins seek to eradicate magic as a whole. They believe that magic corrupts individuals, leading them astray from the path of righteousness. Their determined efforts to suppress and destroy magical artifacts and knowledge demonstrate their commitment to eliminating any remnants of magic from the world. This includes burning books, destroying magical items, and persecuting those who practice magic.

The Red Paladins’ alliance with King Uther provides them with both resources and legitimacy. They act as a fearsome arm of the crown, carrying out the king’s wishes and enforcing his anti-magic policies. This collaboration grants them access to the kingdom’s military might and allows them to operate with impunity, further bolstering their influence and power.

While the Red Paladins’ actions are driven by their belief in the greater good, their methods are undeniably extreme and cruel. Their single-minded pursuit of their goals blinds them to the potential consequences of their actions. Innocent Fey and magic users become collateral damage in their relentless quest, as they view anyone associated with magic as a threat that must be eradicated.

The Red Paladins, led by Father Carden and aligned with King Uther, are a group of purists who are committed to the extinction of the Fey and the eradication of magic. Their unwavering faith, brutal tactics, and collaboration with the crown make them a formidable force, posing a significant threat to the Fey and the magical community as a whole.