Who all knew Jughead was alive?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

Throughout the course of the series, several characters in Riverdale came to know that Jughead was alive after finding him injured in the woods. Initially, Betty, Archie, and Veronica were the first to discover Jughead’s survival. They stumbled upon him while exploring the woods and found him severely injured and unconscious. This discovery came as a shock to them, as they had believed Jughead to be dead after the events at Stonewall Prep.

As the storyline progressed, the knowledge of Jughead’s survival gradually spread to more characters. Charles, who is an FBI agent and Betty’s half-brother, became aware of Jughead’s survival when the group informed him about their discovery. Being involved in the investigation of Stonewall Prep’s secret society, Charles understood the importance of keeping Jughead’s survival a secret to expose the truth behind his supposed death.

Additionally, Dr. Curdle Jr., the local coroner, was informed about Jughead’s survival when the group sought medical assistance for him. Dr. Curdle Jr. played a crucial role in treating Jughead’s injuries and keeping his survival under wraps. As a medical professional, he understood the importance of confidentiality and the potential consequences of revealing Jughead’s survival to the public.

FP Jones, Jughead’s father and the sheriff of Riverdale, also became aware of his son’s survival. This revelation happened at some point during the series, although the exact moment is not explicitly shown. As Jughead’s father, FP was understandably relieved and grateful to learn that his son was alive. He played a significant role in protecting Jughead and ensuring his safety, especially considering his position as the town’s sheriff.

Lastly, Jellybean Jones, Jughead’s younger sister, also learned about his survival. Although the precise moment of her knowledge is not explicitly shown, it can be assumed that she was informed by either Betty, Archie, Veronica, or her father, FP Jones. As family, Jellybean’s reaction to the news was likely filled with relief and happiness, knowing that her brother was alive and well.

Betty, Archie, and Veronica were the first to discover Jughead’s survival, followed by Charles, Dr. Curdle Jr., FP Jones, and Jellybean Jones. These characters played various roles in protecting Jughead, keeping his survival a secret, and supporting him throughout the series. The knowledge of Jughead’s survival gradually spread among these characters, forming a tight circle of individuals who were aware of his continued existence.