Which Bluetooth headset is best for calls?

Answered by Edward Huber

When it comes to finding the best Bluetooth headset for calls, the Bose 700 Wireless Headphones stand out as a top choice. These over-ear headphones offer excellent call quality and a range of features that enhance your calling experience.

One of the standout features of the Bose 700 is its integrated microphone. Located on the ear cup, this microphone is designed to pick up your voice clearly and naturally. It captures your voice with impressive clarity, ensuring that your calls sound professional and clear to the person on the other end.

In addition to capturing your voice accurately, the microphone on the Bose 700 also does a great job of separating your voice from background noise. This is particularly useful if you find yourself in a noisy environment while taking calls. The microphone is able to distinguish your voice from moderate background sounds, helping to ensure that your conversations are not disrupted by external noise.

The Bose 700 also offers excellent noise cancellation technology, both for the audio you hear and for the audio transmitted through the microphone. This means that not only will you be able to hear your calls with great clarity, but the person on the other end will also benefit from improved call quality, as background noise is minimized.

In terms of comfort, the Bose 700 excels as well. The over-ear design provides a comfortable fit, and the headphones are lightweight, making them ideal for long conference calls or extended periods of use. The ear cups are well-padded, and the headband is adjustable, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for all-day use.

Another notable feature of the Bose 700 is its intuitive touch controls. With a simple swipe or tap on the ear cup, you can answer or end calls, adjust the volume, or activate your voice assistant. This makes controlling your calls effortless and convenient, allowing you to focus on your conversations.

Additionally, the Bose 700 offers seamless connectivity with both Bluetooth and NFC pairing options. This allows for easy and quick pairing with your smartphone or other devices, ensuring a hassle-free calling experience.

The Bose 700 Wireless Headphones are an excellent choice for those seeking the best Bluetooth headset for calls. With their integrated microphone, noise cancellation technology, comfort, and intuitive controls, these headphones provide exceptional call quality and a user-friendly experience.