Where to plant chain fern?

Answered by Jason Smith

When it comes to planting chain fern, I’ve found that it thrives best in moist areas near bogs, streams, ponds, or water gardens. These types of environments provide the necessary moisture that this fern craves. So, if you have a water feature in your garden or a spot that tends to stay damp, that would be an ideal location for planting chain fern.

In terms of sunlight, chain fern can tolerate a range of conditions from full sun to shade. However, I’ve noticed that it tends to do better in partial shade or dappled sunlight. It can handle some direct sunlight, but too much can scorch its delicate fronds. So, if you have a spot that receives a few hours of morning or evening sun, that would work well for planting chain fern.

As for soil, chain fern prefers sandy to humus-rich acidic soil. It can adapt to a range of soil types, but I’ve found that it does best in well-draining soil that retains some moisture. Adding organic matter like compost or leaf litter can help improve the soil’s fertility and moisture-retaining capabilities, which can benefit the growth of chain fern.

In terms of growth habit, chain fern is known for its rapid spread. Once established, it can quickly fill in an area, creating a lush carpet of ferns. So, if you’re looking to cover a larger area or create a dense fern bed, chain fern would be a great choice.

I must say, chain fern has been quite easy to grow in my experience. Once planted in the right conditions, it requires minimal care. Regular watering is important, especially during dry spells, to ensure that the soil remains moist. Mulching around the fern can help conserve moisture and suppress weed growth.

One thing to note is that chain fern can be quite aggressive in its spreading habit. If you have limited space or want to control its growth, you may want to consider planting it in containers or using barriers to contain its spread. Otherwise, it can easily take over nearby areas.

When it comes to planting chain fern, choose a moist area near bogs, streams, ponds, or water gardens. Opt for partial shade or dappled sunlight, and ensure that the soil is sandy to humus-rich and acidic. With these conditions met, chain fern should thrive and spread rapidly, creating a beautiful and low-maintenance fern bed.