Where is the key for the Dissection Room in Resident Evil 7?

Answered by John Hunt

I can provide a detailed answer for you! In Resident Evil 7, the key for the Dissection Room is located in the Incinerator room. To be more specific, it can be found inside the door marked “Travis”. However, be aware that the key is guarded by a Molded, so you’ll need to be prepared for a fight.

To access the Incinerator room, you first need to open the door marked with a red handprint. This door is located in the same area as the Incinerator room and serves as a sort of entrance. Once you’ve opened that door, you can proceed to the Incinerator room.

Inside the Incinerator room, you’ll find several doors, each marked with a different name. The key you’re looking for is inside the door labeled “Travis”. It may be a bit tricky to locate, but just keep an eye out for the correct door.

Additionally, there is another door in the Incinerator room that doesn’t have a name on it. This door is located on the far right side. It’s worth noting that this door is inside the room, not outside like the others. While it doesn’t directly lead to the Dissection Room, it’s important to open this door as well.

Now, it’s important to be cautious as you make your way through the Incinerator room. The Molded that guards the key can be quite formidable, so be prepared for a tough fight. Make sure you have enough ammo and healing items to handle the encounter.

The key for the Dissection Room in Resident Evil 7 is located in the Incinerator room, inside the door marked “Travis”. To access the key, you must open the door with the red handprint and the door at the far right in the Incinerator room. Be prepared to face a Molded while retrieving the key.