Where is the best place to locate a bird feeder?

Answered by Edward Huber

The best place to locate a bird feeder is near a window, specifically a picture window. This may seem counterintuitive, but there are several reasons why this is the safest option for both the birds and your viewing pleasure.

Firstly, placing the feeder close to a window reduces the risk of birds flying into the window and potentially injuring themselves. When birds take off from the feeder, they may not be as fast as when they are flying in open space. If they happen to collide with the window, the impact will be less severe, increasing their chances of survival. By positioning the feeder within three feet of the window, you create a shorter distance for birds to gain momentum before reaching the glass.

To further minimize the risk of collisions, you can even affix the feeder directly to the window or use a suction cup feeder that sticks onto the glass. This way, birds are less likely to gain significant speed before reaching the window, making it even safer for them.

Another advantage of placing a feeder near a window is the enhanced viewing experience it provides. Having the feeder in close proximity to where you typically spend time indoors, such as a living room or kitchen, allows for easy observation of the birds’ activities. You can enjoy watching their feeding behaviors, different species that visit, and their interactions with each other. It adds a touch of nature to your day and can be a source of relaxation and entertainment.

Additionally, having the feeder near a window makes it convenient for maintenance. You can easily refill the feeder, clean it, and monitor the seed levels without having to venture far from the house. This proximity encourages regular upkeep, which is vital for the birds’ health and well-being.

While locating a bird feeder near a picture window has many benefits, it is essential to take some precautions to ensure the safety of the birds. Window strikes can still occur, even with the reduced risk. To further prevent collisions, consider applying window decals or other bird deterrents to the glass. These visual cues can make the window more visible to the birds and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Placing a bird feeder near a window, specifically a picture window, is the best location for several reasons. It reduces the risk of birds flying into the window at high speeds, provides an excellent viewing experience, and makes maintenance easier. By following some additional precautions, such as using window decals, you can further enhance the safety of the birds. So go ahead and position your feeder close to a window, and enjoy the delightful sights and sounds of the avian visitors to your yard.