Where is manage labels in Gmail?

Answered by Frank Schwing

To manage labels in Gmail, follow these steps:

1. Open Gmail on your computer and sign in to your account.
2. At the top right corner of the Gmail interface, you will find a gear icon. Click on it to access the Settings menu.
3. In the dropdown menu, select “See all settings”. This will take you to the main settings page.
4. The settings page is divided into different tabs. Click on the “Labels” tab to manage your Gmail labels.
5. Once you are on the Labels tab, you will see a list of all the labels that are currently available in your Gmail account.
6. To edit a label, click on the “Edit” option next to the label name. This will allow you to change the name of the label, as well as modify its settings.
7. You can also create new labels by clicking on the “Create new label” button. This will open a small pop-up window where you can enter the name of the new label and choose its settings.
8. To delete a label, click on the “Remove” option next to the label name. Please note that deleting a label will also remove all the emails that are associated with that label.
9. Gmail also provides the option to customize the visibility of labels. By clicking on the “Show” or “Hide” button next to each label, you can choose whether to display or hide that label in the Gmail sidebar.
10. Additionally, you can choose to show or hide labels in the message list by selecting the “Show in message list” or “Hide in message list” option.
11. If you want to display nested labels, you can enable the “Nested Labels” feature by checking the corresponding box.
12. Once you have made all the desired changes to your labels, don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Save Changes” button to apply the modifications.

Managing labels in Gmail allows you to organize your emails efficiently and tailor your inbox to suit your preferences. By following these steps, you can easily edit, create, and delete labels, as well as customize their visibility in your Gmail account.