Where is car key in Granny?

Answered by Willie Powers

In the game Granny, finding the car key is a crucial step in your escape plan. There are a couple of possible locations where you can find the car key. Let’s explore these options and discuss how to obtain it.

1. The safe in the basement (requires the Safe Key):
– The basement is a creepy and dark place, but it holds valuable items for your escape. To access the safe, you first need to find the Safe Key.
– The Safe Key is usually located in one of the drawers in the kitchen or on the first floor. Explore the house thoroughly to find it.
– Once you have the Safe Key, head down to the basement. Be cautious of Granny’s presence, as she frequently patrols the area.
– In the basement, you will find a safe. Use the Safe Key to unlock it and reveal its contents. The car key could be inside the safe.
– Remember to be quick and cautious while searching the basement, as Granny might catch you if you take too long.

2. The screwdriver safe in the basement (requires the Screwdriver):
– Another possible location for the car key is inside a safe that requires a Screwdriver to open.
– The Screwdriver is usually found in one of the drawers or cabinets throughout the house. Be thorough in your search to locate it.
– Once you have the Screwdriver, make your way to the basement. Stay alert for Granny’s movements and avoid being caught.
– In the basement, you will find a safe that can be opened with the Screwdriver. Use it to unlock the safe and see if the car key is inside.
– Keep in mind that Granny is always on the lookout, so be quick and stealthy while searching the basement for the car key.

Remember, Granny is a challenging game, and finding the car key can be quite tricky. It requires careful exploration, quick thinking, and the ability to avoid Granny’s attention. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find it right away. Keep trying different strategies and exploring new areas of the house.

Additionally, it can be helpful to watch gameplay videos or read forums where other players share their experiences and tips. Learning from others can provide valuable insights and help you in your quest to find the car key and escape Granny’s clutches.

Good luck, and may your escape be successful!