Where does Troegs get their hops?

Answered by Tom Adger

Troegs, a brewery based in central Pennsylvania, prides themselves on sourcing high-quality ingredients for their beers. While they often look to international suppliers for certain ingredients like grains from Germany, they also have the advantage of being situated in a region known for its fertile land. This means that sometimes, Troegs is able to find the ingredients they need right in their own backyard.

When it comes to hops, Troegs has the opportunity to tap into the resources of the nearby Pacific Northwest, which is renowned for its hop production. The region’s climate and soil composition create perfect conditions for growing hops, resulting in a wide variety of flavorful and aromatic hop varieties. Many breweries across the United States, including Troegs, rely on this region for their hop supply.

However, Troegs also takes advantage of the local agricultural community in central Pennsylvania. While the region may not be as famous for hops as the Pacific Northwest, there are still hop farms in the area that produce quality crops. By working with these local hop growers, Troegs is able to support and showcase the unique flavors and characteristics of hops grown in their own region.

By sourcing hops locally, Troegs not only supports local farmers and businesses but also fosters a sense of connection to their community. It allows them to create beers that reflect the flavors and terroir of central Pennsylvania, which adds a distinct touch to their brewing process.

In addition to their local sourcing, Troegs also values experimentation and innovation in their brewing. This means they are constantly exploring and seeking out new hop varieties from different regions around the world. They may collaborate with other breweries or attend industry events to discover unique hop flavors and expand their repertoire.

While Troegs often looks to international suppliers for certain ingredients, they take advantage of their central Pennsylvania location to source hops locally. They tap into the resources of the nearby Pacific Northwest, renowned for its hop production, but also work with local hop growers in their own region. This combination of local and global sourcing allows Troegs to create a diverse range of beers while supporting their community and showcasing the unique flavors of central Pennsylvania.