Robert Downey Jr’s Homes Reflects His Unique Personality

Robert Downey Jr., the iconic actor known for his role as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is not only a superstar on screen but also a real estate connoisseur off screen. With a net worth estimated at around $300 million, it’s no surprise that Downey has invested in some impressive properties over the years.

One of the most notable homes in Downey’s real estate portfolio is the Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage in East Hampton, which he purchased with his wife Susan Downey for a whopping $11.9 million. This stunning estate, built in 1885, sits on a sprawling four-acre land, offering the couple a private and serene retreat in the heart of the Hamptons.

But perhaps the most intriguing property owned by Downey is his seven-acre home in Malibu, California. This unique dome-shaped residence resembles a turtle shell and is reminiscent of a futuristic utopia. With its distinctive design and breathtaking ocean views, it’s no wonder that Downey was drawn to this architectural masterpiece.

While details about Downey’s Malibu home remain mostly private, it’s clear that the actor has an eye for distinctive and unconventional properties. The dome-shaped structure stands as a testament to his eclectic taste and willingness to embrace the extraordinary.

In recent years, Downey has also made another residential move, this time to the charming village of Highgate in North London. Alongside his girlfriend, Debbie Gwyther, the couple now resides in an apartment in this affluent neighborhood. This change of scenery offers Downey a peaceful oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

Whether it’s the Hamptons, Malibu, or the picturesque streets of Highgate, it’s evident that Robert Downey Jr. has a penchant for unique and luxurious homes. His real estate choices reflect his personality and desire for a private and extraordinary lifestyle.

As an A-list actor and one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood, Downey has certainly earned the means to indulge in his real estate fantasies. With a net worth that continues to grow, it will be fascinating to see where Downey’s next property venture takes him.

Robert Downey Jr.’s real estate ventures showcase his love for extraordinary and distinctive properties. From the Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage in East Hampton to his dome-shaped home in Malibu and his current residence in Highgate, Downey’s homes are a reflection of his unique taste and desire for a luxurious and private lifestyle.

Where Does Robert Downey Jr Live In The Hamptons?

Robert Downey Jr and his wife, Susan Downey, reside in the Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage located in East Hampton, New York. The famous couple purchased the unique summer home for a whopping $11.9 million. The estate, which was built in 1885, sits on a spacious four-acre land. The Downeys recently showcased their stunning getaway in an exclusive feature for Architectural Digest.

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Where Is Robert Downey Jr Now?

As of my last update, Robert Downey Jr is currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He has been known to split his time between his primary residence in Los Angeles and his vacation home in Malibu. Additionally, as a successful actor and producer, Downey Jr is frequently traveling for work, attending events, and filming various projects in different locations around the world. He continues to be actively involved in the entertainment industry and has upcoming projects scheduled for release in the near future.

Does Rdj Have A House In The UK?

Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ) does have a house in the UK. RDJ and his girlfriend, Debbie Gwyther, currently reside in an apartment located in the neighboring north London village of Highgate.


Robert Downey Jr. is not only a talented actor but also a savvy real estate investor. His recent purchase of the Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage in East Hampton showcases his appreciation for unique and historic properties. Additionally, his futuristic dome-shaped home in Malibu demonstrates his bold and eclectic taste in architecture. It is clear that Robert Downey Jr. enjoys living the big life and creating his own personal oases in different parts of the world. Whether it’s a charming cottage or a futuristic utopia, his homes reflect his individuality and love for luxurious living.

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