Where can I watch live Chess Olympiad?

Answered by Tom Adger

Well, let me start by saying that the Chess Olympiad is one of the most exciting events in the chess world, and many chess enthusiasts eagerly await it every two years. As an avid chess player myself, I have always been thrilled to watch the live broadcasts of the Chess Olympiad.

Now, when it comes to watching the Chess Olympiad live, there are a few options available. One of the best places to catch all the action is on Chess.com. They have a dedicated ChessTV section where they broadcast and stream various chess shows, including the Chess Olympiad.

Chess.com’s coverage of the Chess Olympiad is top-notch. They have a team of expert commentators who provide insightful analysis and commentary on the games. The commentators often include renowned Grandmasters and International Masters, which adds a lot of value to the broadcast.

The live broadcast on Chess.com also allows viewers to interact with the commentators and other chess fans through the chat feature. It creates a sense of community and provides an opportunity to discuss the games and share thoughts and opinions.

In addition to Chess.com, many other chess platforms and websites also offer live coverage of the Chess Olympiad. Some popular options include chess24, ICC (Internet Chess Club), and the official FIDE (World Chess Federation) website. These platforms often have their own teams of commentators and provide a unique perspective on the games.

It’s worth mentioning that some national chess federations also broadcast the Chess Olympiad on their respective websites or social media channels. So, if you are particularly interested in a specific country’s team, it’s worth checking if their federation provides live coverage.

To summarize, if you want to watch the Chess Olympiad live, Chess.com is a fantastic option. Their ChessTV section offers high-quality broadcasts with expert commentary, interactive chat features, and a vibrant chess community. However, don’t forget to explore other chess platforms and national chess federation websites for additional coverage options.

I hope this information helps you enjoy the live broadcasts of the Chess Olympiad to the fullest. Happy watching and may the best team win!