How do I get hotter as a guy?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

To become more attractive as a guy, there are several strategies you can employ based on scientific insights. Here are some tips to help you enhance your attractiveness:

1. Look for universal signals of flirtation: Pay attention to non-verbal cues such as smiling, maintaining eye contact, and engaging in open body language. These signals indicate interest and can help you establish a connection with others.

2. Find someone “in your league”: Research suggests that people are more likely to be attracted to those who are similar to them in terms of attractiveness. So, focus on building connections with individuals who are on a similar level of attractiveness as yourself.

3. Present yourself as high status: While this doesn’t mean you have to brag or show off, displaying qualities associated with high status can make you more appealing. This includes confidence, ambition, and a sense of purpose.

4. Look older: Studies have shown that men who appear more mature are often perceived as more attractive. This can be achieved through grooming techniques such as maintaining a well-groomed hairstyle and dressing in a sophisticated manner.

5. Grow a light beard: Research suggests that men with light stubble are perceived as more attractive than those who are clean-shaven or have heavy beards. So, consider growing a light beard to enhance your attractiveness.

6. Build muscle (but not too much): Having a well-toned physique can be attractive to many people. Engaging in regular exercise and strength training can help you build muscle and improve your overall physique. However, it’s important to strike a balance and avoid excessive muscle mass, as it may be perceived as overly intimidating.

7. Be kind: Kindness and compassion are highly valued traits in a partner. Showing empathy, being supportive, and displaying good manners can make you more attractive to others.

8. Wear red: Research suggests that the color red is associated with increased attractiveness and perceived status. Incorporating red into your wardrobe, whether it’s a shirt, tie, or accessory, can help you appear more appealing.

Remember, attractiveness is subjective and varies from person to person. Focus on enhancing your own unique qualities and being confident in yourself. Ultimately, being genuine and true to yourself is what truly makes someone attractive.